OPD Services

Room No 1- Medical Examination

Medical examination for special occasions.

 Room No 2- Injection Room

All the injectable at the OPD level are given here

 Room No 3- Dressing Room

All the dressing work of old wounds, suture removal are done here.

 Room No 4-Patient Registration Room

All the OPD Patient registration and forwarding of OPD registrations to the relevant sections are done here

Room No 5-OPD  Xray Room

OPD Xrays are taken here

Room No 8- OPD ECG Room

OPD ECGs are done in this room based on the medical recommendations of OPD Medical Officers.

Room No 9,10- Urine Test & Bool Collection Rooms

All the OPD based Urine and Blood sample testing are done at this room.

Room No 11- Out Patient Consultation Room

This room hosts the OPD medical consultation  and when you come to obtain OPD treatment this is the place you will be consulted by OPD medical officers and prescribe the relevant treatments/investigations. This is under operation from 8.00 am to 4.00pm on Week days and Saturday & Sundays from 8.00am to 12.00 noon.

Room No 12- Patient admission Room

The patients who needs inward medical or surgical treatment will be admitted t the wards from this room. This service is 24 hours service.

Emergency Treatment Unit

For the patients who needs Emergency medical treatments this unit provides its service in 24 hours per day.

OPD Pharmacy 

For all the OPD  patients who needs drugs will be issued from this room.